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Ironing out my S3 problems on the facelift 2001

Duktor Oct 18, 2010

  1. Duktor

    Duktor Member

    Jeez guys Ive never bought a car with so many problems or such high milage , but I love it :p

    so far Ive fixed

    1) new timing belt
    2) new tyres
    3) oil and filter change
    4) greased all moving parts i can find ( packed the hatch lock with grease n now have no boot light lol)
    5) new thermostat flushed system and filled new coolant
    6) re connected the fluid washer to rear wiper under airbox
    7) replaced all orange indie bulbs
    8) replaced front fog bulbs ( first time bumper was off)
    9) replaced air filter and cleaned out air box
    10) replaced all three wipers

    there is bound to be something ive forgotten :scared2:
    11) removed a greasaed up the stuck cup holder

    all that has taken place over the last 2 n half weeks

    heres my to do list and would appreciate any helpfull links :yum:

    1) drivers window has the plastic prob where can i get the replacement part known as a good source
    2) bought a copy of elsawin and file wi.a#17 is corrupt can anyone supply this file in a rar or zip ?
    3) passenger height adjust ( electric recaro dosent work) and dont know what to do to fix
    4) drivers door pins are slightly worn causing a drop when door opened looking for a fix link ?
    5) and the most annoying of all :banghead::banghead::banghead:

    Ive had the front bumper off twice trying to trace and fix leak in the headlight wash system, initially the leak seemed to come from the passenger side pressure cylinder....... so i disconnected it and plugged the line ( first time bumper was off ) ...... then the other pressure c sprung a leak .. so today i removed the bumper then removed the passenger side pressure cylinder in an effort to determine if i could repair it :banghead::banghead::banghead:.....

    of course it seems impossible therfore I renewed all clips and o rings that i could and reconnected everything. should be ok i thought :think: ...............

    6 times ive taken the headlight pressure cylinder in and out trying to figure what went wrong !!!?????

    the bumper coloured plate that fits on top of the jet sat perfectly albiet a lttle raised :ermm: however since taking the pressure c out and in many times I find I cannot get the bumper col plate to sit squarely in its reccess ?? this part can only fit one way yet still it is asque ??????? :banghead::banghead::banghead:

    am i missing soething somewhere ?????

    it just dosent make any sense :banghead: it sat ok b4 dismantle ! and it is physically immpossible to turn the headlight washer jet left or right to align the plastic cap ??????

    any help GREATLY appreciated guys im stumped ..................... ended up just leaving the bumper cap in the glovce box :crying:
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2010

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