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ipod tracklists

Dr. Dave Jan 12, 2008

  1. Dr. Dave

    Dr. Dave Norn Iron

    Hi gang

    I'm just about to trade in my 07 CTR for an S3.
    The Honda's ipod connection is very similar to the S3 but the playlists have to be specifically titled Honda1 through to Honda7. According to the instructions, this is case and space sensitive.

    Please can any of you advise what the S3 requires. Would like to get ipod set up for picking car up next month.

    Thanks, Dave.

    p.s. Please don't tell me your opinions of the ipod connection. I've read all the other threads. As I said, the Honda's system is very similar and, whilst not ideal is tidy and beats 6 cd's nae borra.:rockwoot:
  2. gr1zly

    gr1zly Member


    Name of playlist doesn't metter it could be any name... but in audi you can have only 6 playlist that you can change :(
  3. JohnS3

    JohnS3 Active Member

    You can play the first 5 playlists in alphabetical order, the 6th plays everything on your ipod. I've named mine 1 xxx, 2 xxx, 3 xxx, 4 xxx, 5 xxx.
  4. paul051

    paul051 Member

    In your itunes pick the the playlists you want, you are allowed 5 for yor s3 and they will be displayed as 1-5 on your head unit. The best way to do this as i do is have a load of playlists in itunes the when you want them to be displyed on your 1-5 list on the headunit put the number of the playlist in front of the name. i.e

    1 Jamiroquai/ other
    2 Defected house music
    3 Chill out / lounge
    4 Amy Winehouse
    5 Other

    This will then put them in order on your head unit and then when you want to change that playlist for another one just delete the number 1 of the playlist and put the number 1 infront of the playlist you require.
  5. Dr. Dave

    Dr. Dave Norn Iron

    Thanks guys, Dave

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