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Ipod sound quality.. what to do now?!

imported_CurryMilkShake Apr 5, 2005

  1. Hmmm, really cheesed off.

    Have had an Archos 80GB MP3/video player for a little while and am very pleased with it - does exactly what it says on the tin etc etc.

    However - having read all the details on the Dension ICe-Link, I felt that this was just what I wanted in terms of functionality - I'm really not a fan of FM modulators etc. So having had a closer look at a mates Ipod, and liking the size of it, I took the plunge and have obtained a new 20GB ipod

    But.. having spent a while faffing about with it, filling it up etc, and then spent a number of hours with it playing.. I'm really not happy with it. I'm using it with some decent Sennheiser PX200 phones (cos the earbuds are not worth even plugging in!) but despite juggling with all the EQ settings, I find the ipod produces a very muddled output.. Midrange is greatly lacking in clarity, particularly when a heavier bassline is present or its a more complex track, and trying to gain an acceptable result whilst retaining treble clarity seems to be beyond it.. my mates one is just the same so i doesnt appear to be 'faulty'

    Now I know its not a fair comparison because the Archos is in a totally different price band, but playing exactly the same files on that is a very different story - FAR greater clarity and control at all frequencies, no 'swamping', a much more pleasing and detailed sound without the need to play about the the Archos' (quite powerful) EQ settings at all. Good kit.

    so the problem is this - having now had the Ipod nicked by my teenage son, I find myself unable to summon the motivation to nick it back 'cos i just dont like it!

    Trouble is, I still want to be able to play my large MP3 collection in the car! does anyone make a Generic link to the Audi 'Symphony' unit, that would allow me to connect my Archos unit? I dont want to go the FM route, its just too poor (and yes ive had a proper 'wired in' one not a wireless job)

    Your suggestions would be appreciated!
  2. stuarthodgson

    stuarthodgson New Member

    Don't know the specifics of the Archos but would assume that the outputs would go to RCA plugs at some point. You can get an Aux Input Adaptor (VAGX2) from In Car Developments that plugs into the Symphony II (Connects2 do one but it doesn't work with the 2004 model) that takes the RCA plugs. Your head unit will display the Archos as CDC1 (CD Changer).
  3. You, sir, are a star. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/bravo.gif

    Have just got off the phone from them, £68 incl delivery for exactly what I need.. RCA aux in to suit any mp3 including the Archos.. can still use the in dash cd changer, not a modulator in sight!


    Thank you very much..

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