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iPod/mp3 interface for 2004 A6

A6fella Aug 12, 2007

  1. A6fella

    A6fella New Member

    I have a 2004 A6 saloon with the MMI interface. I was looking to purchase & install a Phatbox MP3 player for the car but having checked various websites it appears that the Phatbox is not yet compatible. As the cd player is in the glovebox there is no rear mounted multichanger that the phatbox would replace, is this correct or is there another way of using a phatbox product in my model of A6 without hacking the interior to pieces?

    Secondly, assuming that the phatbox is a no no can anyone recommend an iPod product that can be installed into the car (like a Dension unit or similiar) that uses the CD player connection in the glovebox) and enables me to operate the iPod via the MMI unit without having to pull the dashboard to pieces? I'm pretty technical but dont want to start cutting up the car in any way, the most unintrusive installation that would enable me top remove if required when selling etc is the one I am looking for.

    Any help, URL's, docs, personal recommendations or experience in doing this or whatever would be very much appreciated.
  2. tonelef

    tonelef New Member


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