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  1. jonmusicman

    jonmusicman Member

    I'm sure I've asked this before but here goes...

    I had the Audi Ipod link fitted by my dealer.
    If I play (for example) playlist 1 and then turn the stereo off then back on it again it plays and shows playlist 1.

    If I turn off the ignition then back on again the playlist shows the figure 6 but plays playlist 1.

    But if I then press the + button to go to playlist 2 it goes to 1?!?!?!

    Does this make any sense? Is doesn't to me. Any ideas?

    PS the Ipod has got the latest firmware.
  2. PetrolDave

    PetrolDave Well-Known Member

    If it's playing playlist 1 and you press the + button it tries to go to playlist 7, but the maximum playlist is 6 so it "wraps around" to playlist 1.

    Similarly if you press the - button while it's playing playlist 1 it will try to go to playlist 0 which doesn't exist, so it "wraps around" to playlist 6.

    IMHO the Audi iPod interface is a POS - no track names, only 6 playlists (actually only 5 because playlist 6 is everything on your iPod).
  3. Keef

    Keef Well-Known Member Team Daytona Audi S4

    I too had the local stealership fit the Audi version of the ipod link to my S4.
    I have since taken the car back and complained that the length of cable in the glovebox is no long enough to physically sit in the driver’s seat open the glovebox and connect the ipod!
    Is it just me or do you have the same problem?


  4. timjhoward

    timjhoward Audi Newbie

    My A4 Cab order went in about 4 weeks ago, I specified the iPod connection, though I have since noticed that it is no longer available on the 'Car Configurator' function on audi.co.uk. Instead just the USB connection is available which means that you would have to use your own iPod USB cable (or buy one if you have the firewire version).

    I drove an Alfa Brera with the Microsoft 'Blue and Me' system installed, this was the same with just a USB connection, though it worked better than the Audi system in that the track names were displayed in the console. Will have to see what I get fitted in my vehicle when I take delivery I guess!

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