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Ipod/Iphone Intergaration... again

_GRP_ Feb 19, 2011

  1. _GRP_

    _GRP_ A3 2.0TDI Sportback S-Line

    Hi All.

    Finally got myself an A3 2.0Tdi S-Line 06 yesterday after around 4 months of viewing.
    Very happy indeed generally but want to fit iphone connectivity to my concert CD Headunit.

    I've done a search and nothing's really confirmed what I need to know.

    Just would like to know what you guys are using and what you recommend.
    Would like to me able to control the ipod/iphone from the head unit.
    Do any of the kits allow the song information to be displayed rather then 'track 1' for instance.

    This is one Ive been looking at:
    Audi iPod Interface*::*AUDI*::*XCarLink

  2. A4SLineJC

    A4SLineJC Member

    Looks good, I was going to get a kufatec unit but that doesn't allow you to control it through the headunit was just going to use the phone to change tracks, not sure how much control you will have, the audi version only let's you skip tracks and only works with playlists, I wonder if this is the same?
  3. sub39h

    sub39h Active Member

    for track info you need the latest RNS-E and AMI - that'll cost you in the region of £1400!

    changing tracks from the HU i'm not sure about. i think the OEM iPod integration will do it. basically it fools the HU into thinking that there's a CD changer where the iPod is, but it's very limited on what it can do.

    aftermarket options are available from xcarlinkx and dension. i'm sure you'll find a solution you want if you look hard enough
  4. _GRP_

    _GRP_ A3 2.0TDI Sportback S-Line

    Thanks for your help guys. Thinking I may just now go for an aftermarket Head Unit now as the 'Concert' HU is not that great anyway. Been looking at this which looks quite nice: Alpine - CD Headunits - CDE-126BT
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2011

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