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ipod/ iphone adaptor lead query into a3 concert stereo 2007

pagey333 Sep 22, 2012

  1. pagey333

    pagey333 New Member

    Will this be all i need to enable steering controls etc.. for my iphone 4s, as far as i understand it plugs into the cd changer port on the back of the stereo? Has anyone done this, eventually i want to upgrade to RNSE but in the meantime would like ipod/iphone capability and steering controls if poss with the standard unit, poss upgrade to BOSE also if its possible with this headunit... This is the type ofthing I have seen, any uk sellers would be good, I have also seen audi do a particular part - 4F0051510P AMI adaptor lead, again would this fit my concert stereo? people say something about the glovebox, easily accessable? I have seen an 8mm socket at the back i think, is something behind there? Thanks for your help, also will it need 'coding' i am not familiar with that but it seems everything needs to be.

    All help appreciated,


    Adam. Ps Im sorry if this is a repost!

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