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iPod help required please!

Dadracer Mar 9, 2009

  1. Dadracer

    Dadracer New Member

    Hi folks, does anyone know why my ipod connection in the glove box has stopped working. Even pressing the CD button twice the headunit is saying "No CD" as though it isn't connected. The ipod battery had run right down so I recharged it last night but it is still not seeing it. Any thoughts or cunning ideas please? It's an S3 (8P) by the way.
  2. AuldReekie

    AuldReekie Member

    Hi mate,

    Not an ICE guru, but I would suggest that you have lost the power feed, as if it is the OEM Audi number, it charges the IPod whilst connected - as you wil know.

    If it is OEM I would get Audi (if still in warranty) to inspect. If it's not, I would be in the Yellow Pages for a local audio specialist.

    Not much help, sorry.
  3. Dadracer

    Dadracer New Member

    Cheers buddy,

    Took it into the dealers this morning and they replaced the docking connector under warranty. It's all working again :yahoo:

    Do I take it from your avatar & name you are in Edingborough?

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