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Ipod Dock + DAb + Input for CD/DVD Player

PaulAr Feb 20, 2009

  1. PaulAr

    PaulAr S3 (8P)

    Ok gents, Im a complete techno novice and need some advice.

    Have limited space and want a compact music system.

    Spec as follows:

    -Ipod dock (integral speaker preferred)
    -Will have separete small `under unit` DVD player and need to interface to system to play CDs.(phono leads?)
    -50watt speaker output (I think)

    Cant find a combined CD/Ipod/DAB system with sufficiently compact speakers to fit the room so reckon this is the best solution.

    Appreciate any pointers guys, online sites etc.

    Ideally want to spend between £100-£200 for a decent set up.



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