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Ipod display in cluster

mcw543 Aug 17, 2009

  1. mcw543

    mcw543 New Member

    Firstly, a confession.

    I've sold up my 2.5tdi qs avant, sold my soul to the devil and purchased an e46 BMW M3.

    However a few months before it went I installed the latest version of densions gateway 100, specifically the can bus version for audis. With this installed you can get full track info on the cluster display and control playlists from the mfsw.

    Alternatively you can control the music from the ipod, but in this mode the cluster display just says 'iPod UI'.

    Sound quality is superb.

    Got it from ipod car kit direct for £140 with active charging dock, and also got the brodit adjustable dash mount.

    It doesn't fit the M3 so I'm flogging it. PM me if interested.


    (i've also got some thule aerobars for b6 avants which need a new home, used for 1 week.......)

    Mods - apologies if this breachs forum rules or if its in the wrong place. It took me months to find the right setup for my ipod, and I just want it to go straight to another B6 owner rather than a random ebayer.:icon_thumright:

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