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iPod connection to RNS-E

Allroad Peter Nov 12, 2012

  1. Allroad Peter

    Allroad Peter New Member

    I have a 2003 A6 (C5) Allroad. The previous owner had the old centre console taken out and replaced with the later style double DIN centre console (new climate control unit too, I believe) so that he could have a 2008(9?) RNS-E nav. unit fitted (although he didn't have steering wheel controls added.) This all cost him a few quid, I believe ...

    I'd like to interface an iPod and USB HDD (rammed full of MP3's) with the RNS-E. Dension products (e.g. the Gateway Five, or its successor (?) the Gateway Pro BT) have been recommended but I understand I won't get track listing on the RNS-E ... because the car is pre-CAN / the RNS-E pre-2010+ ...?

    AFAIC, there would be little point in a USB / iPod interface without track listings on the RNS-E head unit (because I have a lot of music). Will either of these Dension units give track listings on the RNS-E? If not, will upgrade of the RNS-E firmware to 2012 help? Or do I need to up-grade to 2010+ RNS-E hardware?

    Alternatively, could I just add Audi MMI to my 2008 RNS-E?

    On a minor issue, the gala volume control in my RNS-E doesn't appear to work. Engineering mode shows me that the RNS-E is receiving speed information (and yes, gala level 5 is selected) so it would seem to have all the informatioin it should need. Any thoughts?



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