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Ipod connection for MMI Navi Plus?!?!? HELP PLEASE PEOPLE

fatboytex Feb 25, 2009

  1. fatboytex

    fatboytex New Member

    Hey all

    So I've been looking on google till my eyes bleed to find out how to get a decent ipod hookup for my Audi A3. I've got the MMi Navi Plus System and I really am not sure what is my best option. I've seen the denison and similar stuff, but they all seem to be quite restrictive in terms of actual Ipod control, I've also seen some people talking about stuff they have done in their Audi A8 but am not sure if that will be compatible with my model.

    Any Ideas on what I should do, I have the TV/Tuner button on the stereo but there is no TV attatched (i would love it if there was), is there some way to make this active and watch a DVD on the scree...

    I'm not sure if anyone can help me but I'll wait and hope!

    Cheers in advance peoples...
  2. Bobt

    Bobt Member VCDS Map User

    http://www.kufatec.de/shop/ sell an adapter for dvd player input or hdd control (only supports certain HDD enclosures or they can program it for your own at a cost).
    IPOD lead can be made from a 3.5 mm lead and a few spade ends to connect to rns-e you will have to enable aux input with VAGCOM for it to work it shows up under source..

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