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iPod adapter

shaunmc Dec 25, 2010

  1. shaunmc

    shaunmc New Member

  2. Woorlord

    Woorlord shifting to Hyperspace... . VCDS Map User

    Charging on iPhone 3GS and 4G is a lot different to previous iPod's and iPhones and may not work on not compatible kit.

    In summary these newer phones do not use the "Firewire" voltage input for charging which was based on a 12v power supply, the connections to these phones no longer exists.
    All charging is now done through the 5v USB signal - BUT for the 3GS & 4G phones additional voltage signals are put on the USB D- and D+ lines to signal to the phone to go into charge mode - and there are also two charge modes based on these additional signals - 500mA charge current which is the normal PC type USB supply or 1000mA (1A) charge current which is normally supplied by the Apple OEM mains adapter.

    Your best bet on 100% charge compatibility is to contact this Ebay seller and ask them if there interface charges a 3GS/4G i-Phone.
    The Ebay listing does say there is an adaptor for i-Pod 5th generation and i-Pad.....
    "This kit includes the CTIPOD-CONVERTER allowing you to charge a 5th Generation iPod or the brand new iPad"

    I am using the following cigarette charger for my iPhone 4G via a 4G Video/Audio/USB Cable, with the Video & Audio going to my RNS-E multimedia adaptor. I have a hidden under the dash location for the cigarette power supply adaptor. I use the iPhone controls for the i-pod interface. Phone links via OEM Bluetooth for hands free.
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  3. shaunmc

    shaunmc New Member

    Just e-mailed the seller, thanks very much for the response.

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