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ipod accessory 8E0 051 444

todgerino Jul 19, 2010

  1. todgerino

    todgerino New Member


    Ive had a trawl through the advice on this, but still have a question or two. What I see in the forum and what Audi Parts tell me are different, so thought I'd try and get a straight(er) answer with my own question...

    Current setup:
    A4 S-Line B7 '55 - Symphony (6 disc + cassette) - Multi-function steering wheel

    I'd like to use the ipod kit 8E0 051 444 to connect my ipod touch 3G (32GB version - the latest touch). Its not listed as compatible on the Audi compatibility sheet, but Audi Parts say it will work and I can use the 6 buttons/or the Roller to toggle between Album/Artist/Playlist etc.. and I can sync the ipod fully so the dash display shows album/artist/track names correctly. It will also charge the ipod at the same time.

    What I read on the forum though is the ipod kit is a waste of time, will NOT show track names on the dash and is generally a waste of money. I also see that people have to buy charging adaptors additional to the kit.

    Are Audi Parts right saying that it will all sync properly and charge? To be honest, Im not too fussed about the charging but if I cant see what music Im selecting it does seem a bit of a waste of time.

    All advice appreciated!

  2. danA3T

    danA3T Member

    Hi there,

    Without the benefit of ETKA or something, I cant say for sure that it's the same as my iPod dock in my 8P A3, but I'd guess it is as it's not the AMI iPod option, then don't waste your time. It's pants. Sorry.

    It presents itself as a CD changer with the first five playlists on your iPod and CD6 as everything on your iPod in no apparent order. There is also no way to get artist, track or genre info, or anything else useful.

    As regards charging, Apple changed how iPods/iPhones charge and it will only charge devices before they made the switch (it's that they moved the charging pins on the dock connector to be USB rather than the firewire pins). In practice this means it will charge my iPod classic 160gb, and 1st gen iPod touch, but it fails to charge my iPhone 3GS.

    I'm actually trying to hack an old iPod touch 1st Gen to make it more useful, as I'm stuck with it until I get RNS-E.

  3. todgerino

    todgerino New Member

    Cheers for the quick response!

    Sounds like the alternative options (AMI or RNS-E) are a lot more expensive, but if I want decent control of my music I'll need to invest a bit.

    Wonder why Audi Parts were talking it up so much...
  4. s8craig

    s8craig Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    The part you are talking about is just the lead in the glovebox type of Ipod adaptor, very basic as mentioned above, 5 playlists only, no track lists, certainly no access to albums or artists and no charging of later generation Ipods or Iphones.

    The best thing you can buy is the Dension gateway 100 CAN ISO version, this will charge the latest Ipod/Iphones and display song information in the DIS, not the radio. It also allows selection of playlists, albums and artists.

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