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iPhone4 Music - Can I Reload It All From Itunes ?

Yaks Mar 17, 2011

  1. Yaks

    Yaks Member

    I'm having problems playing music on my iPhone4. Most albums now randomly jump to next track whilst in the middle of a track, or suddenly go silent yet the progress bar is moving across, then randomly just start again a few seconds later, etc.

    I don't have shake to shuffle on.

    It's happening on phone speaker, through a docking station speaker, and through headphones - ie is not dependant on how I listen to the music.

    It only started happening a few months ago, and since then any new music added to iTunes and sync'd plays perfectly on the phone.

    Playing music from iTunes on the PC is also perfect.

    So, not sure if the recordings on the phone have become corrupt in some way, and I want to reload all my music.

    When you connect the phone it will only sync any differences. I don't want to restore from a phone backup as that will probably also be affected.

    What I want to do is force a reload of all music - is this possible ?

    Of course I could have a hardware problem, in which case it will be going back under warranty.

    Phone was upgraded to the latest software a couple of days ago and has made no difference.

    Any ideas ?

    Thanks for reading
  2. johnnythepie

    johnnythepie Well-Known Member

    cant you put all your music in your itunes library, then restore your iphone to factory, and then syn again?Im not keen on itunes so i use a program called copytrans which is dead easy...you could take the 'corrupt' music of the phone to see if it plays ok elsewhere.have a look

    Transfer iPod to iTunes, copy iPod to PC and iPod to computer
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2011
  3. Yaks

    Yaks Member

    Think I've sussed it. If I choose to "Manually manage music" then I can delete all music from the iPhone, then switch off the manual manage thing, and sync with iTunes

    I hope............

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