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Iphone contacts with RNS-E

welshwoody Jul 2, 2010

  1. welshwoody

    welshwoody Member VCDS Map User

    Hi there, Im not sure if someone could give me a little help but here goes.
    Up until recently I had a concert head unit in my car, bought that Dynavin one to replace it but due to imense problems it went back...Thank God.
    Anyway I now have the RNS-E but was wondering if I need something extra to get the contacts on the screen under the directory?
    I have the MFSW and already had the audi phone prep that conects via bluetooth with the loud "Bong" tone too and also the cradle that charges it from the armrest.
    After installing the unit, everything works fine, the phone can still be operated through the steering wheel however I get nothing come up on the screen when its in use, does it need coding then?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. s8craig

    s8craig Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    It does need coding, possibly the RNS-E and the phone module need to be coded to talk to each other.
  3. itsmeagain

    itsmeagain 1.8T Sport Cabriolet

    My iPhones contacts all show up on the screen of my rns-e. When it was fitted it was coded properly. Give 1wheelonly a pm, cause he is the bloke to speak to
  4. welshwoody

    welshwoody Member VCDS Map User

    ok thank you to you bothe for your replies

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