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  1. N8

    N8 Kowalski Details VCDS Map User

    Pretty much in the same boat, although the 5 I tried is silly quick compared to the 4/4S.
  2. willowsdad

    willowsdad Sideways

    I went from the 4 to the 5 because my contract was ending, and it's a great phone. Siri is actually quite handy as well as being a gimic, and the web is amazingly quick compared to the 4. I also like the way that the front facing camera doesn't make your head look the size of the moon anymore. I'm not a gadget geek, I just like the way that everything I need it to do gets done well.
  3. dansansome

    dansansome Member VCDS Map User

    Went from a 4s to a 5, and have to say I love it. Quicker, thinner etc, bought another charger cable for work. Job done. I was really worried about the adaptor thing seeing as I've got a kenwood head unit with iPod lead, but it turns out the iPhone 5 is the first iPhone that reliably streams Bluetooth music to the kenwood! I gad a 3gs/4/4s none of which played an entire song without skipping and hanging. So no adaptor needed :)

    I felt the pain of the new connector for a while, but all apple devices will be using them from now on, so it's inevitable that ill have to buy docks/cables etc at some point.

    And yes, I am an apple fan, but have also given an htc one x a good go for two weeks, loved it but was let down by a couple of my must have apps not being on android, and the next best thing really not being very good.
  4. Crazyfool

    Crazyfool Lead boot

    I wouldn't bother with an adaptor. It won't be long before there's all sorts of products on the market, then everyone will be wondering what all the fuss was about.

    It connects to both cars via bluetooth.
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2012

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