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stevieboy Nov 7, 2005

  1. stevieboy

    stevieboy Member

    Now that the car has a few thousand miles on it I've been carrying out some 'investigation' on it's performance. Nothing too technical just been booting it everywhere!

    My favourite place so far is the M6 Toll Road. At 5.30 am its very quiet.

    As I pull up at the booth to pay (on expenses of course!) I drop it into 'S'.
    Once the barrier is out of the way I just plant my right foot and leave it there. Off she goes, no drama, no fuss, just torque. I always knew it would go like the clappers for an oil burner but I have to say I'm well pleased.

    The best 'discovery' is that in 'S' it gets to about 118mph before it changes into top!

    Now that I like - quite a lot!
  2. imported_migzy

    imported_migzy Guest

    i heard from a mate that the 3.2 likes doing 155 on the M1 on Sunday mornings about 6am when there's bugger all traffic.and it happily ticks away, Looks like it's got another 10MPH at least.

  3. bacardi

    bacardi Active Member

    got back from a trip to Barcelona late last thurs, so on the midnight drive home decided to see what it'd go up to, I'm continually impressed with the performance when its rolling, double the speed limit came up really quite quick!!

    only thing that annoys is the traffic light grand prix, if only it had launch control.................
  4. sevosa

    sevosa New Member

    Yeah I love pulling out from the toll booth on the M6 toll. When it's busy and you've got cars to the left and right of you I always feels like I'm in the start of the Cannonball Run...

    It's a great stretch to give it a good blast.

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