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Introduction and Kwik Fit Geometry

wicked_initials Nov 4, 2012

  1. wicked_initials

    wicked_initials New Member

    Hi All,

    1st post so guess I better introduce myself..

    I'm David, I have a Red Audi S3 8p2 with the following mods:
    • ITG Induction Kit
    • Milltek Turbo Back (Non Res)
    • Autotech HPFP
    • Superchips Stage 3 Map
    • H&R Anti Roll Bars
    • H&R Lowering Springs
    • Engine Mount Insert (Surprised the difference this makes)
    • S3 08+ plate Genuine Alloys

    Future upgrades and mods to come:

    • H&R Trak front and rear spacers
    • Brembo big brake upgrade
    • BBS CH-R alloys
    • My11 Rear lights
    • THS/Forge/Pro Alloy Intercooler
    • Sach's clutch upgrade
    • Haldex Gen2 or Gen4 ECU
    • Laminex Headlights
    • RS4 Injectors
    • Auxiliary Fuel Pump upgrade
    • Forged Pistons
    • Conrod Upgrade
    • Garrett GT3071R Turbo Kit
    • RNS-E Sat Nav
    • FB Steering wheel
    • Cruise Control
    • Genuine Bucket Seats
    Had the car 2 years but only started modding 2 months ago so no messing about as you can see, once the modding bug hits ya there's no escaping :)

    Anyway I've just replaced front wishbones and front and rear drop links and while I was at it picked up some H&R ARB's and H&R lowering springs so though it would be worth while getting the Geometry checked and sure enough it was out by quite a bit but am not entirely happy with the end result, but am I just being picky?

    This was before any adjustments..


    Their first attempt and adjustments but I drove out the garage literally a mile down the road and knew something wasn't right so went straight back..


    This was the 2nd attempt at it and how I've left it for now and the car definitely feels better than it did before they did anything but shouldn't the end result be all dead straight 0,00 for everything? They said they couldn't adjust caster so that's still in the red, does anyone know if it is adjustable?


    Thanks all
  2. wicked_initials

    wicked_initials New Member

    Anyone any ideas...?

    If not can anyone suggest a garage they trust in the Northamptonshire area where they do 4 wheel alignment?

  3. NICK-C

    NICK-C Nick

    Hi mate and welcome. You have been busy this last couple of months by the looks if it and with what you have planned I am guessing it will be a monster!
    Can't answer your question about the alignment but for a few cars at work we use Tyres Northampton (sixfields area) and they have always been pretty good.

  4. Rom

    Rom Member VCDS Map User

    Caster isnt adjustable from factory as far as i know.

    Caster is the angle of the shock over the wheel. Leaning towards the front or rear of the car if you will.
    It will affect the self centering of the steering wheel, and to some extent, stability due to that, as you will have to correct it.

    They are both even, which is better than being miles out. But still not ideal.
    Do the wheels sit even in the arch ? More forward or back ?
    Caster isnt normally that far out. But the fact its even, i wouldnt jump striaht to damaged components...
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2012
  5. wicked_initials

    wicked_initials New Member

    Thanks for your reply! Yeah plenty planned to keep me busy for the foreseeable future including an RS3 front end which I failed to mention in the listing but have been researching for the past couple of days but so much to do where to start with it all.

    Ok cool, yeah I've seen them mentioned in various locations around the net, a few mixed reviews as always but in general the majority appear to happy with the work so at the least if I can get some advise on the figures it will be a start.

  6. wicked_initials

    wicked_initials New Member

    Yeah I've just looked through Elsawin now you mention it and I can't find anything about altering castor so it does appear they would be correct to say they are unable to alter it.

    Well actually I replaced the wishbone because it was bent from going up quite a high curb in the ice last year but their wasn't uneven tyre wear on anything so I can't say I noticed until recently when a mate pointed out that one wheel did seem to sit further back in the arch than the other.

    After replacing the wishbone It would appear to now be sitting more centrally in the arch but the figures appear to illustrate otherwise. I'm struggling to see anything else is bent under there and neither could the Kwik Fit guys when it was up on the ramp but maybe worth getting Audi to do a health check and point it out and see what they suggest?

    Guess I could always fit the WAIK kit or Supaloy arms to add the positive castor needed but I feel that may be a bit of a cheats way out and not actually fix the issue as such. Does castor have much affect on handling anyway or at least the small amount mines out?

    I would say that the car has more of a tendency to under steer now and since I've fitted the ARB's, Lowering springs and had geometry done I was hoping it would improve things not make them worse so I'm putting it down to the current camber settings but I can't find anywhere that it suggests what they should be after fitting these parts?

    Last edited: Nov 6, 2012
  7. Artimus

    Artimus Shortback

    Hi David, you joined in 2009 and only have 7 posts, 4 of which are in this thread?? where've you been hiding fella? lol

    If you're prepared to travel (or make a phone call at least) to find out what is & isn't capable with your suspension,there's a guy in Chesham, Bucks that is a geometry guru! He does 4 wheel laser alignment and usually asks how you prefer your car to handle before he sets it up just so! I haven't been to him with an Audi yet, so I don't know what is\isn't possible with them, but my previous cars have handled spot on.

    It's not a cheap service, but if you're interested his name's Tony Bones -> About Blackboots & Wheels in Motion | Car Tyres Fitting and Wheel Alignment Specialists <- top & on the left in the second picture.

    I'm not affiliated with him or the company in any way, but he's the most knowledgeable suspension person I've ever met & know he wouldn't think it strange to talk setups all day.
  8. antmax7

    antmax7 Member

    My first thoughts are they are trying to set the car to factory settings, your car is not factory you need to take it to someone who actually knows what they are doing and set it up for you
  9. veeeight

    veeeight I am a very pretty girl VCDS Map User Black Edition

    I think the only way to get some sort of caster adjustment on these cars is to loosen the subframe bolts, and move the subframe about. But as long as they are both equalish I'd leave it alone.
  10. nluk100

    nluk100 Well-Known Member

    Well you shouldn't really use somewhere like KwikFit if you're lowered, albeit only slightly!

    I would recommend APS | Independent Specialist | Audi | Volkswagen | Porsche in Brackley, Northants - not just for geometry either - get them to service/maintain your car as they are proper VAG specialists!
  11. wicked_initials

    wicked_initials New Member

    Lol, well I joined when I first started looking Audi's and have been researching, reading, keeping an eye out for good deals to come up on parts ever since really. Ironically I'm on here most days just usually observing comments, views, opinions etc..

    I'm working in london most weeks to be honest so it's not that far out my way so I'll keep them in mind but maybe try more local places first and see how I get on.

    I know of places in the local area it's just who to trust that will do a good job?!

    Cheers for your input anyway mate.
  12. wicked_initials

    wicked_initials New Member

    On the contrary mate I'm trying to get the car set up correctly for the mods I have, I had no choice with Kwik Fit being the closest place that could get it back into a drive-able state asap as I use is daily for work.

    I know a fair amount about toe, camber, castor etc.. but without a simulator application and a lot of configuration I'm not going to be able to work out what the best settings are for the mods I have (I'm an IT Tech) My main thing is getting hold of the correct Camber settings and wouldn't mind Kwik Fit making the minor adjustments because I can't see they can go far wrong following digits on a screen. An ape with a spanner could do it I'm sure!
  13. wicked_initials

    wicked_initials New Member

    Yeah I must admit it hasn't bothered me till now so I'm not going to start mucking around now unless it's going to affect handling somewhat?
  14. wicked_initials

    wicked_initials New Member

    Yeah I know mate but as I explained in my reply to antmax7 it was really my only choice on a Sunday at lunchtime when I needed the car for work the following morning and you can see how far the geometry was out from the first picture :/ Needs must unfortunately but now I'm trying to perfect it.

    Cool, will give them a shout see what they can suggest.

    I guess rather cheekily I'm after some free advise off someone that is in the know of the correct settings so I can go back to Kwik Fit and get them to make the amendments. They said pop back again if I still wasn't happy and after £80 later I don't fancy throwing money at another garage to make a few minor adjustments but if that's what is necessary


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