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Intermittent Fault Warnings

A4Owner Jun 18, 2003

  1. A4Owner

    A4Owner New Member

    <font color="blue"> </font> I have a '97, 2.6 SE Auto A4, engine is 2.6 V6 "ABC" petrol, recently it has started to show the following faults, intermittently, with no apparent similarity in terms of journey time/temperature/speed.
    The "oil level low" warning light comes on and the buzzer sounds, the "abs system malfunction" light comes on and the buzzer sounds, and when the above 2 happen the rev counter stops working!
    This fault has been known to show for a complete journey, to go off immediately, to go off after a short time and also for the "asr" light to show for a few seconds then everything goes back to normal with no lights or warnings. Also sometimes the gear selector indicator on the dash, ie "2 3 4 D N R P" sometimes shows a solid bar with no gear highlighted......... this is all very confusing! Car has been to Audi but they say that no fault codes are recorded......
    HELP!!!! Thanks!

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