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Intermittent EPC Light - Revs Dropping

baynesey Apr 12, 2011

  1. baynesey

    baynesey well you better unsell them, sharpish!


    Of recent weeks our A4 has thrown up the EPC light, when doing so the car leaped about as though it's running out of fuel, on one occasion it actually conked out, left it 30 seconds and it started again.

    Wife was driving earlier and did the same again, called the AA low and behold they couldn't find anything and their diagnostic reported no errors.

    Any ideas?

  2. acano

    acano Member

    My m8's going through something similar think we've narrowed it down to the fuel pump. Not looking forward to changing it! but after filling his car with VPower it hasn't come back so fingers crossed:sly: Anyway give V power a try not saying it'll work but it will help how it runs

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