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Intermittent "clicking" sound when braking

mj_tolley Oct 2, 2006

  1. mj_tolley

    mj_tolley New Member

    The brake pads and rotors needed to be changed on my front brakes for my 2001 Audi A4 recently. The car has 93,000+ miles on it. Ever since, there has been an intermittent “clicking” sound, when I step on the brakes. The repair shop initially thought that the rotors may have been bad, but nothing changed when they completely re-did the brake system, including replacing the calipers. The shop then had someone come in that specializes in Audi to look at everything. It all looks okay, but they indicated that this has been an issue that seems to come up, when the rotors and pads are replaced at the same time. They indicated that it usually takes around 1,000 miles for the pads to set in, and they noise then goes away. I have driven around 2,500 miles, but the noise is still there intermittently. Any suggestions on how to fix this problem, as it does not seem to have gone away.

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