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Intermitant Noise on 3.2 Q

Coling Apr 16, 2012

  1. Coling

    Coling Active Member Audi RS3

    Right got a strange noise started on the Audi, it sounds to me like a fan rubbing against something but cant get to the bottom of it.
    Thing is it only happens when the car is fully warmed up and at speeds in excess of 40mph, the faster you go the noisier it gets, noise stays the same coasting in neutral and with the a/c off.
    But I have had it up on a ramp running at upto 90mph for 20 minutes and not a peep.
    Its a 2005 manual car.

    The only thing I havenet tried is switching the engine off at speed. :shrug:

    Any thoughts/ suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. andy1acars

    andy1acars Member

    Thats wierd. I put a roofrack on my car which sounded like that, and someone put my ariel facing forward for a laugh which was well loud. If it was the fan I would have thought you would hear it on the ramp. Have you tried unplugging fan out on road (without overheating it). Wheelbearing can sound like that and would still do it coasting out of gear and probably get noisier as bearing gets hotter, sometimes wheel will feel hot as well if its bad more like a droning hum noise, let us know how you get on.

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