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Interior upgrades

dik Dec 21, 2005

  1. dik

    dik Member


    I`ve recently had a service at sinclairs swansea (excellent service btw)...

    Anyway, I had the new shape 2.0tdi sport as a courtesy car and I noticed a few things that I wanted for my S3.

    On the s3 interior alot of the items have chrome strips in them, well the tdi had the ESP, and two blanking buttons and the cup holder with chrome strips where mine dont..

    Does anyone know if these will fit on my s3 dash? they look REALLY similar, but I dont think the cup holder will work? but am not sure.

    Anyone got any info on this? Its just that the centre console (top) looks a little bare without chrome..

    Cheers All

  2. Markb

    Markb Active Member

    Never looked into this, but I would imagine that they won't fit. As most parts are incompatible

    Any pictures of the parts you are on about?

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