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Interior swap on '03 2.7T

Discussion in 'A6/S6/Allroad forum (C5 Chassis)' started by TURBOx2, May 31, 2007.

  1. TURBOx2

    TURBOx2 New Member

    May 31, 2007
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    I am planning on changing the interior color on my 2003 2.7T(6 spd.) from beige to black. I am planning on finding a compatible vehicle at a salvage yard with black interior and just putting the entire interior into my vehicle. I was wondering if anyone has ever done this before and could give me any advice or guidance. Any information regarding problem areas I may run into, compatibility between models/years, etc. would be very much appreciated. Any opinions on the difficulty of this undertaking would also be welcomed as I haven't had any experience working on Audis. Thanks in advance.
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  3. evomaster3000

    evomaster3000 Member

    Dec 8, 2004
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    I've fitted leather to mine changed all the seats n door cards but that was it, nothing else, was relativly easy and do a search inline there is a site somewhere which has a step by step guide and pics.

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