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Interior Creaking (2000 2.7t Sedan)

DeutschenATL Jul 7, 2006

  1. DeutschenATL

    DeutschenATL A6SportlichDEU/ATL

    Has anyone else dealt with "above normal" interior squeaking in your A6 and if so what if anything have you done to remedy the problem. I am living in Atlanta, Georgia USA where there are tens of thousands of Japanese luxury cars (Acura, Infiniti, Lexus) and many of my friends drive these cars. They are so quiet inside and I am jealous of the less noisy environment. I feel like the main origins of the squeaking are the front and rear seats, possibly the door panels, and the rear deck behind the back headrest. Any suggestions?
    By the way, I am only jealous of the lack of rattling in my friends jap. cars, my A6 has been reliable and servicing at least in ATL has been impeccable. Not to mention the great advantage the A6 has in performance and interior quality over competitors in 2000, only bowing to the 540i sport in performance.
  2. mickey_a6

    mickey_a6 Member

    Don't have a problem - apart from stuff bouncing around in the glove box! The leather can be pretty squeaky, but apart from that its pretty quiet.
  3. hobart

    hobart New Member

    Sure did...past tense. I suggest you check the plastic covers on the seat bottoms they get hit by feet, vacumn cleaner nozzles etc. This is easily fixed by removing -armor all and install.

    2001 2.7t 6spd

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