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Interested in a remap

Jack12 Mar 6, 2012

  1. Jack12

    Jack12 New Member

    Im interested in a remap for my A4 (Turbo diesel) estate

    I was wondering whether i could get any advice on a few things

    1) Does the remap affect carbon emissions?
    2) Will I gain power and fuel efficiency? or is it one or the other?
    3) Any recommendations for places to get this done? Im in the hampshire area

    I've done a bit of background research myself, but i'd hate to make a mistake due to bad sources of information

    Thanks for the help

    NARMAK Member

    From what i've read, theres three differnt types of remaps you could do. 1 maximises power output, 1 maximises fuel efficieny and 3 a combination of both which the majority get done.

    I'm not sure if it reduces carbon emissions but i'm pretty sure it doesn't increase them either. I think the majority of the guys on here have got a REVO remap done and been pretty happy with it.

    Might want to get our own A4 remapped some time down the road, and i'm leaning toward REVO based on the majority of people that seem happy with the work done.
  3. xs2man

    xs2man Member

    1) Yes it will. Anything that changes the fuel consumption, or power, will effect the carbon emissions. However, if its your vehicle tax you are worried about, it wont affect that, as that is based on manufacturers figures, not what your particular vehicle produces.

    2) You will likely gain both, but not at the same time. You will have greater torque, so will use less energy to drive at the same speeds as you normally do. So if you drive exactly the same, you will save on fuel. However, you WILL boot it about a bit, as it does totally transform the car. So when you do this, you will use the same, or more, fuel than normal. Any potential savings in fuel are solely down to your driving style.

    3) There are many places that will offer this service. You will likely be getting a generic remap, which means its basically the same file applied to many cars. This means that the map will likely be thoroughly tested on many different vehicles, and will be within safe tolerances. However, it wont maximise the performance of your particular vehicle. There are many different options for generic remaps, REVO being one, then Superchips, GIAC, Custom Code etc... will all likely provide you with generic maps. And these are most likely to suit your requirements. If you have other modifications, a custom map may be better suited, but it doesn't sound like that is required for you.

    As NAMARK stated, even generic maps can come in a variety of flavours. My last car (A3 2.0 TDI) was mapped using a ST3 unit, which allowed me to switch maps at will. I had the choice of 3, Economy, Fast Road and another I cannot remember the name of just now as I only really had them 2 along with my original file.

    There is, in general, a small difference in power (+/- 20 BHP) and torque (+/- 30 lbft) between the different maps, which may or may not be noticeable to you. I found the economy map to be faster than standard, and did me well on the economy front too, so stuck with that for a year. Then I stuck the fast road on it, and was more than impressed with that also, so left that on for a year or so. This option may not be available to you though due to the ECU in the newer TDI's. I know it wasn't possible for me anyway.

    There is a lot of info out there, and as with everything, you will find good and bad reviews for any mapping companies. Your best bet is to look for someone local who do a generic map from one of the larger companies, REVO or Superchips for example. Then see if you can get a 14 day money back guarantee. If the map is good, they wont see you again until you start looking for even more power.
  4. Audi Dynamik

    Audi Dynamik Well-Known Member

    Revo Remap,
    More than happy with mine :)
    Perfect just loads of extra and instant power when accelerating in any gear and any speeds with no jerks.
  5. GNJ_Motorsport

    GNJ_Motorsport Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

  6. TripleD

    TripleD Audi S4 Avant Owner Team Mythos Audi S4

    Think I should look into a remap, had some oik this morning in a Pug 106 try to undertake me on the slip road, I pulled out into the fast lane as it was clear and he pulled from the slip road directly into the fast lane infront of me (cutting me up), and put his foot down, I did to and I didn't really gain anything on him, it was even!
    I thought my TDi 170 would have had a bit more on him that that, I'm sure my old 320d would have had something to say about it, maybe the quattro kills quite a bit of accelatration!
  7. Rob W8

    Rob W8 Member

    Pug 106 gti's and rallyes are actually pretty rapid to be fair. I used to have a saxo vts that upset a few people. With cams and a new ecu they can be 160+ bhp and don't even way a ton!
  8. Nokesy

    Nokesy Member

    Hi, don't know if this is useful to your area, but the guy that actually writes the maps that the other people sell works in Leamington spa Warwickshire. The company is called Oscarli and his name is Richard. I've had my A3 *p done and my last car, loads of performance and better fuel economy. Never had an issue on emission either. I can dig out his private no if you need it.
  9. johnnythepie

    johnnythepie Well-Known Member

    I can recommend CNL remapping ho are based in rugby, and are mobile.Best thing is that they remap YOUR car, not using a generic program.Each remap is tailored to the engine, and to safe limits.The differance is amazing...smooth and real torque low down.To be fair my mpg hasnt improved, nor has it declined.Colin keeps a copy of your original spec and your remap to enable the map to be taken off or reinstalled whenever.The website is not full of 'promised' results as each vehicle is treated as an individual.They were also the first to remap a ppd ecu which gives them credibility.ECU Chip Tuning for Petrol & Diesel Cars: CNL Remapping Ltd
  10. N8

    N8 Kowalski Details VCDS Map User

    Shark Shark Shark
  11. johnnythepie

    johnnythepie Well-Known Member

    Interesting, shame my 2009 2.0 170 ppd isnt listed.

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