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Intercooler on A3 2L TDI

john24susan Oct 9, 2007

  1. john24susan

    john24susan Member

    HI Folks. I am interested in cleaning out my intercooler, My car is a Audi A3 Sportsback 2L TDI 2005 and has covered 40,000 miles and does a mix of motorway and town driving and have found when I put my foot down under load there is a cloud of black smoke in my rear view mirror. I have hear that if you clean out the black grime from your cooler and atached pipework the smoke will be less from the exahust and the car will run a lot cleaner .
    I have a friend who has used petrol to clean out the intercooler !!! Then fushed the cooler out with a mix of hot water and wasing powder, then flushed it through with water and then dryed the cooler out with a hair dryer from the botom pipe I am not sure if this would do the trick? Would white spirit or isopropanol (IPA) be ok to use to clean out the cooler and pipework without causing any damage ?
    What pipework is required to be removed or disconnected to carry out the cleaning operation on the intercooler and also what is required to clean out the EGR valve and what pipework must be removed to get the EGR valve out ?
    Many thanks , hope you can assist in the information required.

  2. stevehsv868

    stevehsv868 Unofficial Audi UK Endurance Test Driver

    Personally you need to take the intercooler off to clean it properly , which requires rmoving the bumper , you dont want any water or cleaing fluid trapped in the intercooler and then getting sucked into the engine.

    as with all diesel cars , if you drive then steady for a while , then nail it you will get a cloud of black smoke , when driving steady the soot particals (the black smoke) build up in the exhaust , then a good rev up clears them out.

    if you drive you car hard for a few hudred miles , you should find you dont get as much black smoke

    I cleaned the intercooler out on my old golf 130 , and i didnt notice any difference

    the grime inside is caused by the oil breather being attached to the inlet pipe work, this draws oil vapour in the engine covering pipe work and such things as the intercooler in a layer of oil .

    which them mixes with the exhust gas the EGR valve introduces , and makes a "healthy paste" in the inlet manifold , efectively choking the engine . what a great design !

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