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  1. Deadsmart

    Deadsmart New Member

    This is a good un.
    I am presently insured with Tesco for my A6 Avant 2.5tdi se 2003. Just had me renewal notice through £430. Thats up by £110 from last years £320 i paid?!

    What puzzles me when i do a like for like quote online with Tescos car insurance i get a quote of £395 for exactly the same cover i have with them. Woundering why the difrerence?

    Nothing has changed, i have never ever made a claim since driving i have never had an accident or theft. Thats not bad after 26 years driving.

    Any way got a better quote for £305 like for like with swift cover.

    Just find things like this odd.
  2. Shroud

    Shroud New Member

    Insurers will reassess their pricing at least annually based upon claims experience. Many car insurers are faced with higher claims cost over recent months due to the adverse weather we've had resulting in a lot more prangs, etc.

    It is also not unusual for a new customer to be offered additional discounts for taking out a policy with an insurer for the first time, hence why a renewing customer can sometimes pay more than a new customer for the same cover (so much for customer loyalty).

    Remember that premium is only half the equation, as when'if you do make a claim, what becomes important is how well you claim is handled.

    I also have a policy with Swiftcover, as they do seem to be one of the cheapest around and have a reasonably good reputation for claims handling too.

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