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Insurance worries!!!

imported_YOGi Sep 7, 2004

  1. imported_YOGi

    imported_YOGi Guest

    Are they going to rape me if i get my 1.8T chipped, boost control, full exhaust plus hi-flow cat and recirculating dumpvalve?

    What am i looking at??? Should i get my coat now? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cry.gif

  2. PaulRS3

    PaulRS3 Well-Known Member

    depends on your insurer.

    some will say absolutely not, others will happily insure you for a small increase in premium.
  3. All depends on the percentage increase really, a few companies (apparently More Than from another thread) allow up to a 25% increase without charge.

    My new A3 cost an extra £110 pa going from 140bhp to 177bhp (over 25% increase) and that was Privilege (not to mention the extra £250 for the 18" wheels and Votex Kit and the hike in excess to £1000 b4st4rds).

    So the only thing to do is ask your insurers how much extra it will be, and if your policy is coming up for renewal then shop around some of the performance car specialists.

    Hope this helps....
  4. S3_MCD

    S3_MCD Member

    try liverpool victoria, only thing they worry about is if u actually change the engine .... other than that anything goes.
  5. Mike.M

    Mike.M Well-Known Member

    Liverpool Victoria are the one I am going to try next as most mods are free.........you just need to declare them.

    My friends are with them and they have had no problems at all with claims.

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