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Insurance options. Hooooow much?????

Ads Feb 15, 2010

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    Because my car insurance renewal is coming up in the next few weeks, and it's a slow afternoon at work, thought I'd get a few online insurance quotes.

    Admiral seems to be the cheapest for me.

    After completing the online quote questions I thought I'd have a fiddle about with all of the options and see what difference it makes to the premium quoted.

    Here is what I found:

    Putting myself down as co-habiting instead of single lowers the quote by £63
    Saying you have no dependents under the age of 16 lowers the quote by £61
    Selecting different occupations I found I could save £47
    Adding a named driver (with a provisional licence) reduced the quote by £46
    On street parking instead of residential area parking saves £3
    Adjusting annual mileage from 12k down to 9k lowers quote by £46
    Claiming you use another car on a regular basis reduced my quote by £17
    Even though stating that I already own the car, providing its registration instead of just selecting the year model etc saved me £32 :wtf:

    I guess these savings vary depending on your other declarations, but for me, I managed to reduce my original quote by £290 in the space of five minutes. And none of the changes I made are actual lies, they are all true... in one way or another!

    e.g.... single to co-habiting, change of occupation (i've got two different roles at work), added a named driver, provided car registration number, changing from resident parking to on street parking (there is a road 10 meters from my residential parking area), lowered annual mileage by 3k, and use of a car on a regular basis (my girlfriend's who I am a named driver on).
    All legit.

    Give it a try.
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