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insurance messing me about

Jimmy_bfd Feb 7, 2011

  1. Jimmy_bfd

    Jimmy_bfd Member


    Can anyone give me advice or help. I bourght my new A3 and used the 7 day drive away insurance. During that week i rang my insurance to find out hw much it would cost to transfer over on my new car but they found a discrepancy wer 3 yaers ago, back in 2007 i had a non fault accident. I did the insurance online and forgot to tell my new insurance. I didn't see this as a big problem though as i made no claim and it didn't go through my insurance provider.

    At first they froze my insurance so i couldn't drive my current car so therefore could not go to work etc. after ringing and explaining and arguing they unfroze the insurance but...
    ... they will not let me transfer the insurance on my new car or cancel or do anything until their 'investigation' is over.

    they first claim the 'investigation' will take 4-5 working days and it has been longer than that, it at been atleast 8 days. they won't tell me how much cash i would get back for cancelling and been very unhelpful everytime i ring.now my a3 is parked up with out insurance and i have to drive my current car.

    i want to drive the a3 and sell my current car, what can i do? what are the remedies? legally what will happen?

    any advice will be much appriciated
  2. hades-

    hades- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    you cant do anything till they finish there part
    unless you change companys
    i kinda forgot to tell them about some points
    the cancelled my insurance from 8 month before
    so all the stops i had when i thought i was insured well i wasnt and i went to court
    lucky for me my traders police that i did declare my points covered me
    i got all my money back apart from a 40 quid admin fee
    took 3 mth to sort out
    and if they cancell your police you have to tell your new insurance company about it
    and it will go up quite a lot
  3. Jimmy_bfd

    Jimmy_bfd Member

    Oh nooooo, carn't wait that long. i need the refund to pay for my new insurance. Does this mean i am stuck driving my old car until they sort it out? I wanted to sell the old car and be driving the audi by now, i hate insurance companies, they quick to take your koney but take ages to assist you help you, aaaarrrrrrrrrgggggggggg
  4. Jimmy_bfd

    Jimmy_bfd Member

    It all sorted now thank god

    After a lot of phone calls and arguing and being transferred and e-mails they sorted it out. They where quick to change their attitude when mentioning TS, Cancelled my policy now and with swift cover instead

    NEVER EVER, Go with more than, They are the least helpful, lest sympathetic company ever

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