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  1. hey guys ,
    just wondering if you all could help me out! i am 20 years old and my insurance is due for a renewal in 2 months. i am a named driver on a 2006 s line 2.0 tdi with my mum as the main driver who will then have 1 years no claims. just browsing on the forum it seens like some people my age have been getting alot cheaper quotes than i have been doing! i am currently paying £222 a month which seems pretty steep. could you advise me on what i should be paying with the years no claims?
    and also what prices would i be looking at for an s3? thanks very much hope you guys can get back to me, ian
  2. skyinsurance

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    you really need to have a policy in your own name if it is your own car.

    Unless you are made of money, personally I would be looking at a smaller engined car, insure it in your own name so you build up some NCB and then look at more powerful cars later.

    Comparing what you pay to other people on the forum is not going to work as they are not you, insurance in tailored to the individual.

    Sky Insurance

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