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Insurance farce

owenjt Apr 2, 2011

  1. owenjt

    owenjt Member

    First of all my car insurance got renewed automatically (through elephant.co.uk) and I didn't even know until I saw the money had come out of my bank account. Supposedly they sent a renewal letter at the beginning of March (which I never got) and because I didn't respond it happened automatically.

    Then when I phoned them up after getting some other quotes which were a lot cheaper and they tried to rejig my quote to be more competitive, I was told because I've just become unemployed that it has actually gone up by £200! Seriously how can they charge that much extra for being unemployed, i'll be driving the car less because of it!

    And now because I'm going travelling in a few months and only really want insurance for the next 5 weeks, I've discovered that i'm no longer allowed to leave my car on my driveway uninsured, so I either have to pay to insure a car that won't be used for about 3 months or declare it off-road!

    What the hell is going on?! (sorry just needed to rant)
  2. yendall24

    yendall24 Member

    mate there is NO logic in the car insurance game they make it up as they go . we are all now paying for the banks going bust in more ways than one . the investments the insurance companies made went bad so now we the motoring public are expected to pick up the bill scam scam scam mine as just gone up 48% totally unaceptable but we have to have it by law . i will give them one bit of advice if they dont want people to claim then they should get out of the insurance industry . i am not 100% but i think you can leave your car on your drive without insurance as long as it is taxed as of the first of april you can not leave it on a public road
  3. ayfreetee

    ayfreetee Well-Known Member

    You can leave you car uninsured on your drive as long as it is sorn, but if your car is taxed and not insured, you must return the tax disc then declare the car sorn, I have just read the leaflet from the DVLA called askMID. You will get money back on your tax, for every whole month left on it.
  4. owenjt

    owenjt Member

    I wonder how often they'll be checking this. Just seems like a complete pain to declare my car off-road for only a few months.
  5. a3tdi2001

    a3tdi2001 Member

    Presumably, if you're Lord and Lady Hoo Ha you can leave as many of your uninsured classics from your collection on the grounds of your stately pile as you like as they are all exempt from road tax. Spiffing.
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2011
  6. Gti Jazz Blue

    Gti Jazz Blue Active Member VCDS Map User

    Not looking forward to my Insurance renewal next month to see how much I have been shafted - I wouldn't mind but I'm 47 this year so should be paying cheaper and cheaper insurance each year.

    Oh well only 3 years until I can insure with Saga - who are meant to be much cheaper - not sure if they like modified cars though - LOL


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