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Insurance box

Den13 Feb 9, 2013

  1. Den13

    Den13 Member

    Hello....due to claims and convictions, my car insurance for MY car is a fortune mondeo zetec s tdci 130 bhp quote of £2600 23 5 years driving no, no claims got a quote for 1400 tho with a company that put a box in the car and monitor you

    I obviously understand how it works and it is designed for young/new driver but what happens if I do excess speed or quite a lot of excess speed because this box detects how hard you brake,how fast you accelerate etc etc so for example if I am ona 60 and do 80-90 or more do they cancel the policy or report me??? Just not totally into the idea of being watched all the time
  2. @udi A3

    @udi A3 Site Sponsor Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    Id probably not be asking those questions, but ask them for there terms of use policies? They should tell you everything they will do with any data collected from you and they should comply with DPA but also I wouldnt be suprised if that kind of speed excess gets you reported to the police and not tipped off about it first.
  3. Gweneira

    Gweneira Member

    I would be concerned that if you had an accident while driving at an illegal speed your insurance would be invalid.
  4. audigex

    audigex Active Member

    I would be concerned about the last point, too

    Other than that, most of them have a smartphone app you can try out to see how you'd get on with it. I find that you have to be very careful all the time to keep it in the good area, and that if you drive down a country lane it doesn't seem to understand the concept of "this is a safe and normal speed for this road" - it assumes that the higher speed cornering and higher G-forces mean that you're hammering it round town, or being an idiot in traffic.

    I tried it for a 100 mile night-time drive home where I barely saw another car other than on the motorway where a few BMWs overtook me on the outside lane and I overtook a few lorries. When I came off the motorway it was all good, then a 10 minute drive down a country lane and it plummeted because it thought my braking (naturally a little heavier on a NSL country road) was a lack of predicting traffic, rather than me deliberately braking for a corner I knew was there. It also hates night time driving (midnight-6am).

    If you're really in trouble with your insurance premium, it's possible to drive anally and reduce premium - but I find that they want £2,400 off me (my normal premium is about £1400 at this address), so even with a hefty discount from perfect driving, I'm better off with a normal policy. And I'm probably the perfect target market for it - young at 23 and with a powerful car that they want me to prove I can drive safely.
  5. Mart77

    Mart77 Member

    They can track everything ;) it holds a lot of pros and cons


    Depending on who the insurance company is you get rewarded for good driving with extra miles.

    your car is tracked so if its stolen you have a good change of finding it.

    you have a crash which is your fault .I.E you roll into the back of somebody at 1mph and they start claiming whiplash and 3 million pounds worth of damage your insurance are see the impact speed and g force.

    somebody crashes into you at 50 mpg on a 30 road and claim they was only doing 10mph, the crash sensor will see the impact speed


    you speed is tracked so it will influence next years quote ( this could be a good thing )

    how hard you're braking is tracked.

    how hard you're cornering is tracked.

    how fast you're pulling away is tracked.

    Limited mileage

    All this really depends on the insurance company

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