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Insurance and warranty with track days

StephaneS Sep 7, 2004

  1. StephaneS

    StephaneS Member

    I posted these questions in audi driver international thread but did not get any answer so here we go again:
    1- How does a track day session affect the warranty of the car. I mean what happens if something breaks while on track. Is that still covered under Audi warranty? What about if it fails 1 week later? Does the stealer have any way of knowing that you've raced the car like some sort of log in the ECU for time and period of going into the red?
    2- Insurance? My contract (direct line) is really clear that track days are excluded. Do you know any special companies that offers track day covers and how much should that be?
  2. I think some track day websites list specialist insurance companies. Also, how can audi tell it's been on a track? (as long as you don't have a piece of tyre wall in the grill!) You could have just been caning it round some of your most fun roads!
  3. NBirkitt

    NBirkitt Member


    Just saw this, after posting reply on the Audi Driver International thread

    check it out...

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