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Instrument lights

TVT Feb 9, 2009

  1. TVT

    TVT New Member

    Is there some way to enable default instrument lighting through vag-com? So I can just turn the key to get the lighting on. I've searched through the programming, but can't seem to find the option.

  2. kaz219

    kaz219 Active Member VCDS Map User

    Recode Instrument Lighting to be 'Always On':
    Follow 'Initial Steps', above, then...

    • Click on '17-Instruments'
    • When you go into this module, it will scan for fault codes and go straight to a fault code screen. It should say 'No Fault Codes Found'. Click the 'Done, go back' button to get to the main screen for this module.
    • Click 'Recode - 07'
    • Make note of your original coding.
    • Hover over the code with the mouse pointer, and it will show a pop-up balloon with information about the various digits of the code. It may or may not explain the rightmost digit.
    • One of the digits (the one fartherest to the right) is for the instrument cluster backlighting configuration. It's originally set at '3' (for the US models). You will change it to '4' (Pointers and scales ON, with Dimming Feature). For example, change 0004203 to 0004204.
    • Change this value in 'Software Coding___'
    • Click 'Do It!'
    • Click 'Close Controller, Go Back'
      Note: By doing this, you have now set both the pointers and number scales in the instrument cluster to be on at all times rather than being sensitive to ambient light with the photosensor. The reason for the factory setting is to provide a visual cue that you need to turn on your headlights. Having the instruments lit all the time defeats this. Do this mod at your own risk. FYI - the photosensor is the almost invisible circle on the speedometer face right at the high end of the scale. ​
  3. TVT

    TVT New Member



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