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Instrument cluster problems :(

jk_s3 Jul 17, 2011

  1. jk_s3

    jk_s3 Member

    hi guys, ive got a faulty DIS on my s3, ive sent the original cluster away for repair but ive been told its irrepairable,

    so i bought another one from a breakers yard, took it to my local audi dealer and local specialist, neither of them could code it in as they think its the wrong one ie my car is 2001 and the cluster is 2002.

    so what i was thinking, is there anyway of swaping the chip that holds the immobilizer data from my original cluster to the new one? that way it wouldnt need coding and id have a working dis again, i no its not something i could do myself but i could find an electronics specialist to do it.

    what do you think??

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