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Instrument cluster problem, Audi A4 2004 with RB4 crypto dashboard

jvivanov Jan 15, 2011

  1. jvivanov

    jvivanov New Member

    Hello and Happy New Year to all brothers,
    I have big problem and I am asking for help.
    My car is Audi A4 2004 with RB4-CRYPTO dashboard. I messed up the instrument cluster with Vag K+Can Commander v1.4, after that I found that this version does not fully support my car because the dump file is crypted. First, the VIN stored in the Instrument cluster was different and all other controllers was always full with error messages. I fixed the VIN with K+Can Commander v1.4 by reading the dumb and manual correct. Now I still have many error messages, but they are different. The most repeated error message is:
    You can seen the whole error log at http://vraca.net/dancho/audi_b6_error_log.txt.
    Now I think the only way to fix the problems is to upload working instrumen cluster dumb from other Audi A4 B6 with RB4 crypto D36 dashboard and adapt it to the my car. So, please if somone can send me working dumb I will be very thankfull.
    If you know other way to fix my problem, please post it.
  2. A4 nut

    A4 nut Member

    Hi try posting in the vcds section

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