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Installing Parrot 3100 to Symphony II plus BOSE

Skittler Mar 18, 2007

  1. Skittler

    Skittler Redlined

    Join the dots please. What goes where?

    The white connector blocks in the Parrot kit connect to the Parrot electronics box, as do the Parrot display and the microphone.

    That leaves the four connection blocks I've labelled A,B,C,D, plus the existing (male) blocks E & F currently plugged into the Symphony II.

    There also seems to be a choice of three female mute connections for the yellow male mute cable to pair with.

    Finally there are the green (line +) and brown (line -) wires. Are they needed?

    Please note the "plus BOSE" bit before replying :)

    Symphony II wiring labelling:


    Current connection blocks:


    Parrot 3100 "mute cable" wiring:


    Parrot 3100 "power cable" wiring:

  2. MarcQuinlivan

    MarcQuinlivan Active Member

  3. HeliChris

    HeliChris Learning to fly 3D

    Hi Skittler

    I can explain the connections on the back of your Symphony II+, but I can't see how the Parrot is going to connect.

    The Symphony II+ looks to be totally CAN Bus driven, so you only have power cables on the "E" block from your photo marked (+) and (-). CAN connections "F" block marked "CAN L" and "CAN H" these tell the Symphony what is happening with the vehicle (ie. light on, phone mute, ignition on, clock time change, DIS comms, etc etc) basically all the coms. Line Out is classic amplifier stuff again on "E" block, this is going to the BOSE amp, so you have Line outs for Front Left, Front Right, Rear Left, Rear Right, Common, and Power on signal. The last connetion the "BOSE" wire on "E" I am not sure, but I suspect this might be Symphony's control of the BOSE amp audio pilot stuff.

    The Parrot looks like it has classic ISO connections, where you get a wire for each function like "light on", "Mute", "Radio On" etc. I suspect you might need a CAN interface to make this work. It may be that Parrot is not upto date with the 2007 MY changes, a Parrot Installer may be your best bet.

  4. Techimike

    Techimike New Member VCDS Map User

    I gather you have the bose system on your car I have the concert 2 on my A3 with the bose you use the power adapter lead for the parrot but you need to cut the red or yellow wire and take an ignition feed either from the back of your light switch or elsewhere to the red or orange of the parrot, the parrot will say GOODBYE if you have the wires round the right way
    If you want the mute to work to you will have to get Autoleads PC9-408 this connector goes into the block on the back of the stereo the one that goes top to bottom and is different from the iso,s you can use a small 2.8 mm connector and put this onto the mute terminal but its not very safe so use the above and there will be no worries.
    You then need to connect the yellow wire that has a bullet connector into the wire on the red connector this will mute the speakers and phone should show on the display. When I first did this it took me a while
    I hope this works but get back to me if you have any problems
  5. rxs1407

    rxs1407 Member

    Did you manage to get this all working??? As my new A3 has the same sound system, and i want to buy the Parrot..

    Any help would be great...
    Thanks Dodge
  6. Skittler

    Skittler Redlined

    Waiting for the Autoleads cable to arrive...

    If I get it sorted(!) I'll post full instructions including pictures to help anyone in the future.

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