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Installing Bury cc9060 Music Bluetooth

northtim Oct 11, 2011

  1. northtim

    northtim New Member

    Has anyone any experience of this. I have done a lot of looking around after my first "simple" attempt as xcarlink/bluetooth just didn't fit the bill, xcarlink OK for playing music but bluetooth add-on was poor I thought and people struggled to hear me.

    I have settled on either Bury cc9060 music or Parrot Mki9200 as best options for handsfree and playing music from Iphone 4. I have been told the Bury is the better unit so wanting to go with that, but Audi don't half make it hard!!!

    I have a May 2007 Avant (B7) with no Bose and with double din concert 3 stereo. I am getting different stories about what lead I need to connect and have read of problems getting music through all 4 speakers. Has anyone done this set up and got it working Ok and if so can you let me know how. I am fitting this myself if I can get the right cables!



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