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Installed an RNS-E into my A3

kaedo Nov 1, 2010

  1. kaedo

    kaedo Member

    Hi all, thanks to this forum I have read up on, bought, fitted and coded an RNS-E into my A3. I have even managed to flash the firmware to include SDS and make the Aux active (the Black Edition comes with and Aux in socket).

    Massive thank you to all that helped - you know who you are!!

    Just need to bite the bullet and cut the mic cable and splice in the RNS-E to finish the installation (waiting for the bits from Audi).

    If anyone has any questions on this install let me know and I would be happy to try and help. I have to say the RNS-E transforms the interior of the car. It makes it look and feel much more premium. I think it sounds better too - but that may be my mind playing tricks on me! LOL I've only owned the car a fortnight and I've started modding it already. This doesn't bode well.
  2. Smoothie

    Smoothie Active Member

    Good lad, did the same after 2months of owning....it is a must
  3. Stratts

    Stratts Member

    If you could let me know exactly what I need to get (apart from the unit itself) that would be appreciated. I have a MY11 Black Edition.

  4. AJC

    AJC 3rd Gear

    I want to do the same to my 8L S3. Already have the Symphony Double Din head unit so install should be fairly easy. Can you let me know what's needed or better still someone from this forum who would be prepared to come and help install? I'm in Cheltenham. Cheers
  5. Lee78

    Lee78 Active Member

    Not owned my A3 long but wanted to get an RNS-E fitted after coming to this forum.
    Just finished my install yesterday, converting from single to double din. Had no experience really of doing this before but managed to get the same number of screws and bolts back in that I took out so I did something right.. Lol. I absolutely love it and the finish to my interior... Just enjoying upload my Mp3s....
  6. Stotty

    Stotty New Member


    My rns e should have been delivered today.

    I am replacing a BNS system in my A3.
    I do not have Bose , from what I've been reading it should be plug and play.
    I do not have access to vag coms.
    I have a mfsw, cd changer , rear parking sensor and low bluetooth with the phone dock.
    If anyone is near bromly and would like to code this up please message me.
  7. Stotty

    Stotty New Member

    Sorry double post due to iphone
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2011
  8. Stotty

    Stotty New Member

    Fitted the RNS E tonight did not take long at all .

    The phone connected up straight away without setting the code which I thought was strange.
    CD Changer works, MFSW works.

    Had a quick drive up the road and noticed the music did not lower down when the NAV voice was played , maybe this is a setting within the RNS E.

    I cant belive how much better the screen is than the BNS.

    Pics to follow, Im thinking off getting the digital tv fitted has anyone else had this done on the newer units?


    Last edited: Feb 22, 2011

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