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beanoir Sep 17, 2012

  1. beanoir

    beanoir Large Member

    All this photography i've been doing recently has inspired me to put it somewhere that people can look at it (rather than keep boring poor forum folk!) so I had another go at building a website. I've built a couple before but never been that happy with them, but this time I decided to start with a completely blank canvas rather than using templates, and i'm quite chuffed with it.

    So it now serves as somewhere to stick my best pictures, like an online portfolio I guess.

    If anybody has a couple of minutes and fancies having a look, i'd welcome any comments.



  2. Ghost

    Ghost Booooooo!

    Stunning photos Nick, like the idea of the website, :icon_thumright: started to list the ones i liked but it got to long lol

    Am i missing something Nick, when i click on Le Mans Classic By Laurent Nivalle, and click on the photos to enlarge, i cannot see a way to go back without pressing the backspace key? not a problem but was thinking id ask.

    Will take sometime and look at Laurent Nivalle’s website, love "le-mans-classic-02" i like this style of photography.
  3. beanoir

    beanoir Large Member

    Cheers mate, the only thing I find an issue is that it's bit slow. iWeb doesn't like graphics intensive sites really as it'a bit cumbersome with code, but I don't have the ability to write a proper website.

    I'm not sure, it's an embedded Wordpress blog, so the back button doesn't work inside the blog, if that makes sense. Best thing to do is refresh that page which is a bit of a bind. But his work is really fantastic, I can only dream of of being that good!!

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