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Inside tyre wear

doublem_1 Jan 25, 2013

  1. doublem_1

    doublem_1 Member

    Whilst having a wheel off yesterday I noticed that both front tyres have worn more on the inside than the outside, the fronts are up fro renewal soon anyway. The inside of the tyres, by about an inch i'd say, is almost bare, whereas the rest is about 2mm-ish.

    I gather this is to do with camber. It's a 1.9tdi Quattro Sport. Are the heavy on camber wear? These tyres have lasted me just over 2 years now, so the rate of wear is not an issue I don't think. Just something that is puzzling me.
  2. Filth

    Filth Member

    You need to get it 4 wheel laser aligned, I had a tracking issue when I bought my S3 and took it to get 4 wheel laser aligned and it had heavily worn uneven because of camber aswell as tracking. Got two new tyres sat here waiting untill my next visit to be fitted to be laser aligned again as well as some other work.
  3. S3 Paul

    S3 Paul Well-Known Member Regional Rep

    I would say it can be camber or tracking.
    Is the car low?
    I used to get bad tyre wear on the inners of my S3's fronts
    I had the tracking done but was told the car was soo low the adjustment for the chamber ( bottom ball joint to wishbone bolts) couldnt correct it.
    So i sourced a second set of wishbones and moddified them to allow for enough adjustment to get the Camber angle back within factory spec ( just)
    I would get both tracking and camber checked when you have the new tyres fitted.
  4. superkarl

    superkarl MAN OF STEEL

    Too much camber and/or too much toe out for your driving style. get an alignment done and ask them to reduce both by .5 Of a degree or so, perhaps 1 Degree. wear like that can also be amplified by worn bushes/topmounts
  5. doublem_1

    doublem_1 Member

    I had the top mounts replaced along with new dampers and springs about 6 months ago. The MOT last month mentioned front bushes (can't remember which off the top of my head) as an advisory so will look into getting these done. I think i'll have the camber, tracking and toe in checked. I would like them to set it up as parellel toe if possible. I know the tracking needs done as it pulls to the right when the wheel is central.
  6. <tuffty/>

    <tuffty/> Badger 5 Edition...Its all about the flow... Staff Member Moderator Audi S3

    If you change bushes or make ANY change at all to the front suspension be it ride height adjustment or whatever you NEED to get alignment checked... any adjustment to height throws the toe out...

    If you already know this then this thread is pretty pointless... this is why your tyres have worn dude...

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