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Insert for injector leeking?

Mk21147 Nov 5, 2009

  1. Mk21147

    Mk21147 New Member

    I have recently changed both o ring seals on all of my injectors due to them weeping a very small amount of fuel. However they have started weeping again & I think it is the insert for the injectors. I have never changed these before, can anyone give me any advice how to do this? I think they screw out using a big allen key but I am not 100% sure. Also are they put in to an exact torque or any sealant used. The engine is a 1.8 20 valve turbo from an S3, engine code BAM.

    Thanks in advance Richard
  2. HTC

    HTC Active Member

    I would first try a different brand of o ring at the inserts. I have had trouble with this and found a better fitting o ring. The inserts shouldn't wear.
  3. Mk21147

    Mk21147 New Member

    Were else can I get o rings from? I just went to Audi. Did you put any grease on the o rings when you fitted them?
  4. ben4866

    ben4866 Member

    Richard I just did my injector seats on my AGU last week, I too thought it was the o-rings but it was the seats that were leaking. I struggled to find information on fitting them, ended up fitting them hand tight with some oil resistent thread lock on them (used an allen socket on extension bar and hand tightened that way). It's been perfect since then.

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