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inner or outer cv joint prob ??? help

ceedubya Nov 30, 2006

  1. ceedubya

    ceedubya Member

    in my polo 9n with 1.8 20v TT engine i have a clicking noise when i floor it in the 1st three or four gears when its trying to grip
    i have tested full lock turning and everything is silent
    i am fairly sure its the drive train as i have had it on vagcom with no faults and its not a dead engine/pinking sort of sound ( i have heard a few in the past)
    about 10k miles ago the 6 speed box was off to have a peloquin ATB diff fitted and it has improved grip and i was wondering if this extra grip will kill cv joints??

    anyone had this type of problem with cv joints ??? if so was it inner or outer joint ???

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