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Injector question

B5 BIKER Feb 16, 2013

  1. B5 BIKER

    B5 BIKER Member

    My 1.9 tdi AFN has just passed the 200k mark
    I was thinking of fitting a set of new 0.216 injectors in it
    Has anyone done this on here before?
    Any pros or cons?
    Is there anything else I need to do in conjunction
  2. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    You will need a bigger turbo to compliment the nozzles ! Gt1749VA off the pd130 works well or you can fit the bv43, both plug and play ! Add a chipped ecu and a PD130 intake with pd 130 boost hoses and a EGR delete pipe and you'll have enough grunt to mess up with more powerful machinery whilst still retaining 50Mpg ! I have a chipped ECU from superchips with maps for 155Bhp and also a pd 130 intake manifold and 0.216 injector nozzles i could part with ! Also have a full worked engine with rods/lower CR, ported head, 11mm pump, was running in excess of 200Bhp with a BV43 turbo. With 0.216 i expect it to run 180Bhp minimum, with race 520 or equivalent it should put in excess of 220-240Bhp !
  3. B5 BIKER

    B5 BIKER Member

    Not looking to go too mad, as she is an old lady as well as being my daily.
    Pm me some figures on the manifold and chip and we can have a look see.

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