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info on 2.0t quattro

brownie 25 Apr 24, 2013

  1. brownie 25

    brownie 25 Member

    hi all,
    ime going to look at a 2007 a4 s line quattro 2.0t it says on the add its 200bhp is this standard bhp for this car or has it been mapped,it also says it has the same engine as the golf gti is this true and finally what are these like for reliability.
  2. Giosabcsl

    Giosabcsl Active Member Audi A4 saloon

    That is the standard HP on the those engines. So no it has not been mapped.

    Only the special editions and DTM versions had the 220hp motor.

    They have a few issues to look out for but otherwise generally reliable.

    Full service history is a good start. And I dont believe the Gti and Audi motor is the same could be mistaking.

    The quattros are also more expensive on car tax. They have a smaller fuel tank than the front wheel drive so 63 litre as to 70litre.

    The quattro also tend to eat tyres more as well as are heavier on fuel.
  3. psd99

    psd99 Member

    look out for the cambelt
    think it needs to be changed after 5 years or 60k depends what comes first - that's the first thing I had to change on my car.

    I've had my 2.0T Quattro FSI special edition for 6-7 months now 162kw engine approx 220 BHP - got some decent power but still a decent family car and experience so far.
  4. John@mk

    John@mk Member

    Yep changed the cam belt on mine at bang on 50k at it was already six years old.get the reg and ask at a audi dealer to check if the car has been in for the coil pack recall , found out that mine had not been changed when asking about recoding the spare key.we tyres do wear but it is a big powerful car.
    the main thing is to go for the higher spec car you can find and the more history the better.

    if you do finally go for one then if some does ask " what are you driving these days" mainly BMW drivers just reply ..." a quattro " then the conversation will move on ..... Lol.

    one more thing ...... It is a powerful car in all weather conditions and really enjoyable on the twisty back roads....
    you are only aloud to use the phrase " lets fire up the quattro " - once , use it wisely......

    hope this is a help.
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  5. TOM.S

    TOM.S Active Member Silver Supporter

    I got mine only for a month so can't tell a lot.
    so far I'm loving it and it isn't as thirsty as advertised by fellow members.
    regards to problems:
    every used car has some .deal with it!!! :D
  6. brownie 25

    brownie 25 Member

    cheers all,going to look at it tomorrow so hope fully all goes well.

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