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indicator stalk broken

Discussion in 'A4/S4 forum(B5 Chassis)' started by buckiekev, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. buckiekev

    buckiekev New Member

    Oct 4, 2009
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    i have an a4 1.8t sport .the indicators packed in . faulty stalk.
    trip computer controlls all work . does anyone know . will i need to put the car into dealer for replace ment because i have to remove the airbag. or can i change it myself without too much hasstle. any help is greatly received
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  3. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    Jul 3, 2007
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    You can do it yourself if you handy with spanners and have a decent tool kit. You will need to remove the battery terminals to be able to remove the airbag without setting a fault code wich will need clearing. By the way, i do have a spare stalk from me b5 a4 on wich i upgraded to cruise control. You can have that for a tenner + post ! You can call me on 077 899 12128. Regards, Chris.

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