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Indicator fault - diagnosed. Step by step guide to replacement.

bebecheekymonkey Sep 13, 2007

  1. bebecheekymonkey

    bebecheekymonkey Member

    The indicator lights on my Audi A6 1.9Tdi Avant Sport were not working correctly. If i'd indicate to turn either left or right, they would flash a few times and stop.

    Found out it was the indicator relay which is part of the hazard warning light. Audi part no. 4b0941509DB98. Cost £22.78 from Audi camberley.

    Having searched the entire forum on this fault there was no mention on how to remove the old and replace it with the new.

    So here goes:

    Use a small thin screwdriver to gently prize off the dash surround around the hazard warning light switch and cupholder. Then use a flat screwdiver to prize out the hazard warning switch towards you away from the dash. Unplug the din adapter at the back and replace with the new. refit the dash surround.

    Simple job and took about about a minute.

    Hope this helps if any of you come across this fault.


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